8 Celebrity Pets: Fur-Babies of the Most Famous Actors


Everyone wants to meet someone who will love them for who they are. Period. And when it comes to celebrities who are constantly surrounded by admirers, this need becomes even more acute. People love actors for their characters in movies, and many perceive them only in these roles. However, in most cases, a film character has nothing to do with a real person. It’s one of the reasons why many famous people feel lonely, especially being surrounded by fans. Nonetheless, there is always a way out, whether it is about the need to write my assignment or find a true friend. When you get a pet, you stop worrying about their real attitude because your cat or dog loves you without any reason. They are happy to see you whenever you come, and they don’t care about your money or how good you played in the last film. They love you no matter what, and the following eight actors have already checked that getting a pet was one of the greatest decisions.

Anthony Hopkins’ Niblo

The actor has been dreaming of being a composer and writing classical music all his life. In 2012, he even released an album of his works. Now Hopkins continues to write music but devotes it to his cat Niblo. The actor calls the pet his bodyguard, who protects from all problems. Hopkins often entertains his pet by playing the piano and regularly shares videos of playing music together on Twitter and Instagram.

Dave Franco’s Harry

The actor is fond of cats and has been surrounded by them since childhood. And when the time came to choose a life partner, one of the main requirements his potential wife should meet was love for cats. He jokes that he married actress Alison Brie just because she was the only one who didn’t mind when Dave came on dates with his pets. A 7-kilogram cat, Harry is sharing their bed every night. Besides, they have allocated a separate room filled with his favorite treats, couches, and toys.

Ian Somerhalder’s Moke

One of the main stars of The Vampire Diaries takes care of several dogs and horses, but his main favorite is the cat, Moke. He calls himself Moke’s “dad,” actively shares joint photos on Instagram, takes the cat with him to the shooting, and participates with his furry friend in photo shoots. And in 2013, Somerhalder agreed to shoot for People magazine only after discovering that he could pose with Moke.

Lily Collins’ Redford

A huge audience is watching this beautiful actress’s life, and this year she has pleased her admirers with various events. Firstly, she played the main role in the smash TV series Emily in Paris, then she engaged with her boyfriend and adopted a cute puppy. Like many famous people, she decided not to purchase a pet but rescue it, so one little dog has become much happier. And if you want to do something good, for example, try your hand at volunteering, but you don’t have time, you can always turn to fast essay writing to free up your schedule.

Reese Witherspoon’s Minnie Pearl

Everyone knows how much Reese loves animals and that she has a whole zoo at home. This year her family has been extended by a new doggie. This event happened almost a month after her French bulldog Pepper passed away because of aggressive cancer. It was a real tragedy in the family, who is fond of all their four-legged friends. They have three more dogs, but Minnie Pearl is the smallest one.

Chris Evans’s Dodger

The Captain America actor has started his Instagram specifically to share all the funny pics of his dog he has taken. The actor has a “Dodger” tattoo, so when he got the dog and called him the same, he posted the nicest pic with the caption, “Dodger lying on DODGER.” So, if you like his acting, and you are fond of dogs, you can subscribe to his Instagram profile to kill two birds with one stone. The pics of Chris with the dog may be one of the cutest things you have ever seen.

Ryan Gosling’s Lucho

The actor and his charming wife decided to extend their family and please their kids with a new friend. As Lily Collins, they decided not to buy a purebred dog but adopt one from a specialized agency. His wife posted a pic of their newest family member on Instagram, told the story of its appearance, and encouraged her followers to adopt animals who need care and love or at least donate to alike nonprofit. The actor’s family is worried that so many cute and smart animals stay in the streets or shelters where they are doomed to death.

Channing Tatum’s Rook

More often than not, sexy actors choose the cutest doggies as their new family members, and Channing Tatum hasn’t become an exception. He has got a new cute puppy Dutch Shepherd. And, of course, he was in a hurry to share this greatest news with their followers on Instagram. After his previous dog, LuLu, passed away last year, the actor wasn’t sure he would decide to get another pet. However, when he saw this cutie, there was chemistry between them, so he couldn’t but take it.