Here’s How Your Health Can Benefit from a Trip To The Spa

Over  half a million people in the U.S. visit a spa every day, according to the 2018 U.S. Spa Industry Study by PwC. The data came from the information gathered in 2017, which also found that the typical revenue earned per spa location increased by 19 percent during the same year. This proved that the spa industry is steadily growing. Aside from the operational side of the spa industry, many spa-goers stand to benefit from the various treatments. In particular, several of the aesthetic and massage treatments available at these facilities  have a lot of positive effects on peoples’ health and wellness, which can have long-lasting benefits both physically and mentally.

Relaxation And Stress Management

One of the most common reasons why people go to the spa is to de-stress and keep their minds free from their hectic schedules. But the real reason why spa-goers feel better after visiting these facilities is the increase in the production of all four happy hormones. These include  dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. According to several studies, all of these hormones can be released with the help of massage therapy from a trusted  day spa. Massages are effective in working the muscles, soft tissues, and tendons. Depending on the kinds of strokes and levels of pressure, massage therapies can release a person’s tension and make them forget about the things that bring them stress.

Helps Fight Common Lifestyle Diseases

Studies claimed that massage from spas can be used as a  complementary therapy in managing diabetes. According to research, massaging the insulin injection sites can speed up the absorption process. It can also decrease blood glucose levels. It can also ease diabetic neuropathy symptoms with regular sessions. Aside from diabetes, massage is also beneficial for people with hypertension. Because of its stress-busting capabilities, those who will avail of massage therapies can prevent the sudden spike in their blood pressure. This could also lower the risk of developing more serious cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce Arthritis Pain

Researchers at Duke University claimed that people who are suffering from arthritis should think about getting weekly full-body massage treatments. These sessions can improve joint mobility and reduce the discomfort and pain caused by osteoarthritis. While it cannot be considered as a major treatment for this type of joint inflammation, it can still be an effective complementary treatment. This can lessen the risks of damaging side effects caused by the continuous use of osteoarthritis drugs like NSAIDs that are known for affecting the stomach, kidneys, and heart after prolonged use.

These are just some of the many benefits of availing regular spa treatments. By visiting your favorite spa often, your health and physical well-being can stand to benefit from the extreme relaxation you will feel. It is also important to check with your medical doctor to know if you have any limitations when undergoing your preferred spa offerings.