Kurt Long Telling about Sports Betting. What Else Has He Been Involved In?

Worldwide, people love sports betting because it’s fun, easy, and provides you with a chance to make some cash. All the same, beginners shouldn’t expect to make a kill straight away. Nobody should.

If you’re a beginner searching for free tips—that work—this is the right place to start. However, if you want more detailed advice, then these betting strategy videos featuring Kurt Long are interesting! Without further ado, here are essential beginner tips and strategies that work.

Create a Budget and Use a Betting Plan  

This is one of the most crucial betting tips you’ll ever come across. Betting with disposable income is okay, but gambling with regular day to day cash is not. No matter the much wealth you own, or plans you have, you must set a budget. How you put together a budget entirely depend on you. Ideally, create and use a staking plan. Most experts recommend that you bet approximately 1-2% of your total bankroll and no more than 5 %.

Don’t forget that losing cash is probably more of an expected outcome than winning. For this reason, you need to resolve how much money you are ready to risk, and ensure you don’t bet anymore if you lose it. 

Focus on Few Teams 

It’s tough to continually make levelheaded selections when placing a lot of bets, instead focus on trying to find genuinely good opportunities. You don’t have to bet solely on one team, then again it’s not a good idea to wager on many either. 

Carefully analyze the ones you know a lot about, and dodge those you know little about. Placing many bets can be as risky as staking too much cash, as this is likely to lead to losing loads of money quickly. By contrast, placing a few thoughtful bets will almost inevitably produce better results than randomly wagering on everything.

Always Compare Lines and Odds

Comparing lines and odds is easy and takes little time when placing a bet. Noteworthy, not all betting sites and bookmakers offer the same lines and odds. So shop around the available wagers to make out the best possible deal for each bet you place.

Bear in mind that the difference in lines and odds is often small, but it adds up over time. So pick out various books carefully. Over and above, by creating accounts with different sites is advantageous in the sense that you most probably get to enjoy bonuses or free bets upon signup.

Avoid Personal Bias

A plethora of bettors wager for emotional reasons instead of objectively evaluating the possible outcome. These include folks wagering for their country, their favorite sports stars, or their hometown. You should respond to this by twisting the odds accordingly. Remember to be careful when making a bet on any outcome where you’ve already invested your emotions.


It’s worth putting in some time researching. However, you don’t have to spend unending hours on research, especially if you are betting for fun. Watching sports on TV or reading a few articles, mind you, can be considered research!