Living on a Budget in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is the place where people dream of making it big. Every day, people flock to the city of Los Angeles to make it in show business. Usually, they start with small jobs or roles, like a production assistant or a background actor. Many try, but only a few people succeed in becoming breakout stars.

Unfortunately for most people, the cost of living in Los Angeles can be very high. As of 2018, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in LA can cost an average of $2,100. Food costs in LA can run upwards of $500 a month on average.

So how can you afford to make it in Los Angeles without going broke?

Get a roommate

Los Angeles is home to a few well-known universities so a good chunk of the LA population consists of college students pursuing their fields of interest. While there are apartments in LA that are rented to students at a lower cost, you can also slash both rent and utility costs if you opt to room with other people. 

Rent within walking distance

The good thing about LA is that no matter where you are in the city, there is always a place that can be rented. Living within a walkable distance from school or work means that transportation costs can also be reduced. And because there is now a car that rarely gets used, you might also consider getting a title loan. Title loans in LA are a great way to get quick cash, as they do not require a credit rating to be approved. 

Use ride-sharing services

Los Angeles has strict rules and regulations concerning cars and traffic. Different streets have different parking and tow zone hours, so the chances of getting fined for parking in the right spot at the wrong time can run high. Parking fees may not be much, but over time they can eat into your monthly budget. Avoid the risk of costly parking fees by using rideshare services like Lyft and Uber. 

Shop at the flea market

Moving to Los Angeles often means leaving everything behind and starting fresh. This can mean moving into an empty apartment unit. It can be tempting to head for the nearest Pottery Barn store or the closest Ikea in Los Angeles, but shopping in these places can rack up the bills really quickly. Instead of shopping for furniture in these huge outlets, consider looking for furniture at the flea market. With careful selection and attention to detail, you might be able to get the same piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost.

Eat at food trucks

Unlike a lot of other places, food trucks in Los Angeles are home to some of the most delicious foods without the price tag of a high-end restaurant. This is perfect for those living on a tight budget in LA. Los Angeles food truck owners really get creative with their dishes in order to stand out, so while they make sure the menu is fresh and interesting, they also make sure that taste and quality are not skimped on. For just a few dollars a plate, you can eat your fill at a food truck in LA. Check out this list of 21 best places for tacos in the Los Angeles area.