5 Fun Ideas for a Night in LA

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world to many, and the nickname largely stems from the wide variety of entertainment options in the city. If you’re planning a night out, Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world to do it in. The city is overflowing with potential options, making planning a night out extremely easy. However, some may struggle picking from the overwhelming amount of options. Thankfully for these people there are a few go to ideas that they can always fall back on. These ideas are sure to provide you and your friends with a memorable experience that you will never forget. Here are five fun ideas for a night out in Los Angeles.

Live Shows

One simply cannot go to Los Angeles without seeing a live show. The city is full of entertainers that are looking to make it big-time, meaning that there are a wide variety of shows one can see. Musicians and bands will be looking to strike a deal with local record labels, while comedians will be looking to make the city’s elite laugh. If these don’t pique your interest you could always go to some nontraditional live show. Some examples of these include seeing a famous act like Sasha Colby perform, or attending a show starring a hypnotist or magician. Regardless of what show you choose to see, L.A will surely have something that will make your night out a memorable one,

Sporting Events

Los Angeles is a big city, and because of this it is home to a lot of sports teams. The city has two MLB teams, two NFL teams, an NHL team, two NBA teams, and two MLS teams. The Dodgers and the Angels of the MLB both call the L.A area home, ensuring that sports fans will have plenty of opportunities to witness America’s pastime in the summer months. The city also recently acquired two NFL teams, the Rams and the Chargers, ensuring that the nation’s most popular sport is now adequately represented in L.A. The Kings are the city’s lone NHL representative, however they represent the city proudly as they have won two Stanley Cups in the past decade. The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA, and they share the historic Staples Center with their cross-town rivals the Clippers. Finally, L.A is home to two MLS teams, LAFC and the Los Angeles Galaxy. No matter what sport you like to watch, Los Angeles surely has you covered.

Visit A Famous Bar

With such fame and notoriety in the entertainment world, it’s no wonder that amazing local bars have sprouted up to enhance this reputation. In L.A, historic dive bars meet modern rooftop bars. The bars in L.A are famous for their creative and tasty drinks and are visited by several famous patrons. In addition to the amazing drinks served at these locations, patrons can also enjoy great live entertainment. If you’re looking for a fun night out in the city, then visiting some of Los Angeles’ famous bars may be the way to go.


Los Angeles is known for its many famous sights, meaning that tourists could make a fun night out of simply seeing the beautiful sights that the city has to offer. L.A and its surrounding areas have many famous landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, iconic sights that everyone should witness on their visit to the city. In addition, the city has many other sites to see such as museums and zoos, allowing you to see pieces of art, history or animals. If you’re a tourist or have never been to L.A before, then seeing the sights that L.A has to offer might be the best way to spend your night.


L.A and its surrounding areas are famous for its beaches, so it’s no wonder that a night on the beach would be a perfect way to spend your evening. Beach parties can be a very fun event, allowing you to spend time with family and friends with a beautiful ocean backdrop. In addition, you could even take a night cruise from the beach, allowing you to spend your night on the open waters. The area’s beaches are some of the most famous and beautiful in the country, so you definitely won’t be disappointed if you decide to spend your night out there.