How to Use the Latest Instagram Features to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is steadily developing into a high-end promotional platform for businesses all around the world. As the audience increases, the task of raising brand awareness becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, the social media network that welcomes 1 million advertisers every month has just released 5 new features that will ease your marketing campaign concerns.

If you are looking for the easiest way to get followers on Instagram, read on and find out how to use the latest Instagram features!

Easy Scheduling for Business Accounts

It used to be that you could only post photos in real time on your business account or choose the “Later” option, which asked you to manually share it at your desired time. Fortunately, Instagram announced a change to their API that allows you to schedule single photo posts with days in advance without the need for push notifications.

This new feature works great for business managers that have a busy activity. Now, you can easily schedule your posts ahead and go about your work peacefully. You can later return to your profile and see how the new post is doing without too much hassle.

Location and Hashtag Stickers

Hashtag stickers helped Instagram make the leap from a photo-sharing platform to a business-oriented media channel. You can use these quirky features to tag a location and add it to your post or your Instagram Story. People that look for the same thing can find you quicker and easier than before.

Additionally, your followers do not have to use your company’s name every time they want to tag you in their posts. Instead, they can use your brand, the name of one of your products or even how your location made them feel. A hashtag for your pizza place that reads “#bestpizzaintown” will likely attract more followers and potential clients than a simple tag called “#Joespizza.”

Instagram Stories Highlights

The Instagram Stories feature is great for keeping your current followers up to date with your latest news, changes and product additions. However, if you want to attract a lot of new followers to your page, you will need to activate the Highlights option of this feature.

Instagram Stories Highlights give a small insight into what your profile is about to people who are landing on your page for the first time. You can design them to showcase the products and services that you have on offer without depending on the limited life of usual Insta Stories, which last only 24 hours. These small clips can stay on your bio page for as long as you find them relevant.

For example, if you have a business that deals with fashion apparel, you can create an Instagram Story Highlight for each category you have in your offer from shoes to pants to dresses and all the way to hats and sunglasses.

New Instagram Analytics Tools

If you want to have an in-depth understanding of how Instagram works, you can use professional services like Experts in social media can provide you with the best solutions to get followers on Instagram quickly and at a cost-effectively.

Additionally, you can use the Instagram Analytics Tools to find out more about the users in your audience. This set of data instruments reveals where your likes, views, and comments come from. They show demographic stats for each segment of your following, and the time of day when your followers prefer to access their feed the most.

You can use all the data you subtract with these tools to create a bespoke marketing campaign for your products and services. This strategy should bring more followers and potential clients on your page.

Instagram Live Streaming

This feature is an excellent tool for businesses that make announcement and product reveal often. It is an option that builds brand trust and awareness and strengthens the bond you have with your clients. You can use it to grow your Instagram following and engage directly with your admirers in real time.

One of the best uses for Instagram Live Streaming is product unboxing. Schedule one of these events every week and have people tune in to your live video. It is a safe, long-term strategy that should enhance your visibility and help you gain more followers.