Dating in the modern era: online dating as part of our culture

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Dating in the modern era: online dating as part of our culture

If online dating is something you’ve never indulged in yourself, perhaps this is because you’ve considered there might be a stigma attached to the activity. Once upon a time, the rumors about matching sites focused on them being some kind of last resort. When anyone couldn’t find a partner in ‘normal’ situations, if they used the Internet at least they had a chance of getting in touch with someone.

But there are preconceptions and there are facts. And the facts about online dating are undeniable: the ability to browse singles online has become a phenomenon of modern times. The daily user activity for many of the largest matchmaking websites run into the millions. The feedback from numerous statistical studies has revealed up to one-third of couples are now being introduced via online dating, with every indication this figure is increasing all the time. There are new dating websites being launched daily, and existing ones are enjoying an unprecedented rise in membership applications. If online dating has become embedded in modern culture, what are the main reasons?


The popularity of online dating has risen in parallel with advances in technology. Computers, tablets, smartphones and a host of other communication gadgets are now part of everyday life. New apps are being launched on a daily basis, aimed at making interaction easier, and this has crossed over into dating. You can now sign up to matching websites easily, accessing your account and browsing for potential partners from your own home, or when you’re on the go, 24/7.


Online dating resources are not simply a computerized version of those lonely hearts columns from newspapers, where people could access a list of singles. Nowadays they have inbuilt algorithms designed to ensure site users have every chance of meeting someone who is on their wavelength. Anyone joining will specify the type of relationship they are seeking, and their descriptions can also outline their tastes and hobbies. This makes it so much easier to strike up a rapport than it used to be in more traditional dating scenarios.


One aspect of life in the 21st century is the advent of social media has enabled people to reach out for kindred spirits. With Facebook pages for numerous social groups, whatever their niche interest, people will be able to interact with fellow enthusiasts. This has been reflected in online dating, with websites now being set up to cater for diversity. Whether you are into dating same-sex partners, Goths, hockey fans, disabled individuals, or a host of other possibilities, you will find it a suitable connection at your fingertips.

Demographic factors

One aspect of the modern era that persists is younger people are still using the more traditional singleton situations for getting hitched. Under-30s relish heading into town centers at weekends to congregate around trendy bars and busy nightclubs. But there has been a shift in the dating activities of older people. Divorcees, widows, widowers and various middle-aged or elderly individuals are now embracing Internet dating for meeting new partners.

International dating

Dating sites attract interest from all over the globe. This means members can strike up friendships or long-distance romances with people who have caught their eye in Paris, Tokyo or Nairobi just as readily as someone living a few blocks away. As with any other aspect of the Internet, matchmaking websites allow site users to cross international boundaries. As relationships are formed, couples can use Skype to keep in touch, then source cheap travel options to actually meet up. Dating in the 21st century has certainly come a long way, too!

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