A guide to betting on cricket

cricket player

With multi-sport betting being something that a lot of punters involve themselves in, there’s been less of a focus on merely backing results in football and horse racing. This has branched out into things like creating your own cricket betting tips, which almost felt inevitable considering how highly regarded it is as one of the UK’s most popular sports.

The ways in which you can place a bet on cricket have been available on bookie websites and apps for some time, but a lot of frequent punters don’t even realise that there’s an option to bet on it. Bookmaker markets for cricket continue to grow, with the primary aim being for all potential outcomes to be covered in every possible way, offering complete freedom to those who are interested in betting on the sport.

How do I start betting on cricket?

As practically all bookmakers offer markets on the sport, making your own cricket betting tips couldn’t be much easier. Opportunities to bet on a wider range of cricket betting markets are being made available, and more fans of cricket are starting to have a punt on it to make it even more exciting to watch. If you’re still learning the ropes on how to bet on cricket, it’s worth keeping tabs on TeamFA, who are widely known for covering the sport with expertly chosen cricket betting tips and predictions.

The first market you’ll come across when looking at a cricket match’s bookmaker page is the match winner, with either side to win, or a draw, being the options in all instances where the result needs to be decided on the same day. After the most basic market, you’ll usually see opportunities to bet on individual players to score the most runs for each team, and any enhancements surrounding favored outcomes at stronger prices.

Advanced cricket markets

Although there aren’t quite as extensive a selection of markets as you’ll see with football – where you can now bet on almost anything – cricket betting does consist of some more risky markets for those who want bigger odds. This includes statistics bets like backing the player who you think will score the most runs in the match, the team who possesses the top batsman, the method of the first wicket, and even a difficult-to-predict section for betting on who will win the toss.

Opportunities to build your own bet has seen bookmakers making special editions of this for cricket, with markets like the players with the most runs for each side and the match result being added in. Through doing this, you can rack up odds as high as 200/1, so they’re worth a small punt for those who like riskier cricket bets with less chance of landing.