Giving Yourself the Chance of More Money While Holding Down a Regular Job

Working a side hustle while also holding down a job is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn a living. A side hustle is an income stream that is in addition to your full-time job. It brings in money but is also something that you typically have a passion for that you are unable to pursue in your day job. It could be something that helps you develop skills for your main career, but it’s more typically just something that you love to do. Here are a few suggestions for a side hustle that might just be the right fit for you and your passions.

 1. E-commerce


 Source: Pixabay

 There are a number of things you could consider selling and numerous places where you could sell them from. If you have a talent with crafts, for example, you could make and sell products on Etsy. If you like refurbishing products, such as technological products or furniture, there are a number of niche websites from where you could sell them. If you want total control over your online sales, you could develop your own website and sell from there. E-commerce provides great flexibility, as it enables you to sell your products in your own time.

2. Services

 The services sector is a broad one, but many have found their side hustle providing an assistance to others. Websites such as TaskRabbit provide a platform for you to sell your services, whether it be fixing a broken sink or running errands. You could even offer a delivery service (a company like Postmates can help you with this). If you own a car, you could offer driving services through Uber or Lyft.

3. Poker

 So, we know this isn’t quite a side hustle, as you’re not guaranteed to take home money but why not have fun and enjoy the chance to win? It’s often debated as to whether poker is a game of skill or luck. However, we’ve seen enough evidence, from those who seem to consistently win at the game, that skill is very much a part of it.  And there’s no shortage of resources online to help you improve your skill. The great thing about this pseudo-side hustle is that you no longer have to visit a real-world casino to play. You can visit such sites as Mr Green Casino, download the app, and you’re in business. You can also take advantage of their bonuses and play with their money early on. They often list their latest bonuses on social media platforms such as Twitter. A £100 bonus is being offered at the time of writing.

4. Local tours

 If you happen to live in a big city that frequently attracts tourists in large numbers, you could consider offering tours. All that’s needed to get started are strong communication skills, a friendly and outgoing personality, and some knowledge of the area in which your tours will take place. Friends and family can help spread the word about your tours or you could join such sites as TourByLocals.

5. Party planning

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 If you have a reputation in your social circle for being the one who organizes nights out, a side hustle as a party planner might just be the way to go. You could plan anything from a wedding to a Bar Mitzvah to a child’s birthday party. If the planning aspect doesn’t appeal to you, you could consider another role based on your abilities. You could start a small catering service, for example, or if you have musical talents, you could offer your services as a DJ. If baking is more in line with your skill set, you could sell baked goods at events and parties.

 This is only a small sample of the side hustles that you could undertake. When choosing one to try, consider what’s important to you and whether your side hustle can fit into your current lifestyle.