Ten Study Hacks To Improve Your Memory 

stacked opened books

It’s not a pleasant sight when you have a colander-like head on your shoulders. If your memory is leaking, your academical performance suffers no matter how much you study at home and in class. 

How To Improve Memory

We use memory to such an extent that we don’t even realize when it comes into play. When you typed a worded combination into the search engine, you used your consciousness to press the buttons. It is an automatic action that relies on our brain’s storage, which is the power station of all our activities, especially studies. There’s no need in cramming books into your brain relentlessly if you won’t be able to use the gained knowledge after a bit of time, when it matters the most.

Our brain is a fascinating organ that keeps scientists guessing even to this day! We don’t need to understand everything about our processor to use it a little bit smarter, and we don’t have to put much effort into improving our learning abilities. Some ways to hack your brain are as easy as they can be, and they make our ultimate list of ploys prepared by Brainy Bro that help students memorize their material better! 

The Ultimate “Hack Your Brain” List

1)  Preparation is key to everything. In order to precondition your cerebral system for efficient studying and memorizing, you need to wake yourself up, and not by drinking coffee! Instead of throwing your money at a Starbucks cashier try to absorb fresh air from the street and walk around your block for a good half an hour.
Not a lot of people do that, and that is why lousy memory excuse is so wide-spread. You don’t have to use headphones, you don’t need to stare into your smartphone, you can just have a stroll and take the feeling of being outside in. Get free from all the additional information and let your mind breathe, both figuratively and literally. 

2)  To get the most out of your skull-trapped machine, you need not only to cool it down with oxygen influxes but give it a proper rest at night. Sleeping is a thing we regularly place on the backburner of our priorities, but we regret it every single morning when we have to punch the clock with a miserable expression on our faces. Our brain is not satisfied either. We just can’t see how grumpy it really is, but we can feel the effects later in the day. Treat your friend kinder and sleep more, no less than eight hours at night with a bit of napping when you have some free hours. 

3)  Now that your mind is not pasted with surplus data and is ready to work to its maximum potential, we need to talk about ways of making the memorizing process effortless. You have to provide your organ with food for thought carefully! Much like we feed children from a spoon, we must treat our head muscle with care and love. Breaking up the information into small pieces and making a lot of smart breaks will help you digest the material easier, which will lead to a higher return for your studying process. 

4)  To satisfy yourself while studying you can diversify your information absorbing methods. Reading can be dull, especially when going through the paragraphs written for highly sophisticated scholars. Page after page, it will get harder to understand the content and if you don’t get it – you will not remember it. That is why you need to listen and watch too! Mixing things up will not only give you a bit of a break from a particular exercise but will remove the routine factor that drags your mood down. 

5)  Try to use more tools then just eyes and head. Engage your ears more by repeating each key sentence out loud, more than only once if you feel like that would help you. It’s vital not to rush things when you learn, you don’t do it for others, you do it for yourself! Repetition will embed the data into your memory and processing the information without looking into the screen or a book will lead you to a better comprehension of the subject. Try it when you study alone but be aware that your grinding can cause others some irritation. Make sure nobody around you is against it. 

6)  Another great way to collect info pieces between your ears is to create associations between studies and real life, as combining two worlds will give your gains more flexibility. When the chunks are flexible, they will not tire your system out as much, and that is a way to operate when you shove the class content where it belongs. Learning historical dates is almost impossible without drawing parallels! Train your way into retaining with this trick, and you will see the results almost immediately. 

7)  If your visual memory is sharp or you need an image to solidify the message sent to you by the writer of the book, then creating loads of flashcards will help you substitute the illustration purposes. Having a vivid and simple pictures before your eyes is helpful, much more helpful than looking at colorless and compactly formatted paragraphs written in tiny font. You can draw your cards yourself or print them from the machine you are using for studying. 

8)  To summarize the topics, you went through it’s a great option to share the newly acquired knowledge with others. Find a willing assistant that will allow you to express your thoughts about the lessons and ask you good questions to lead you in the right direction. It is another style of repetition! If you can explain the material to people like they are a bunch of five years old, then congratulations, you will not forget it anytime soon, or at least in the next few weeks! 

9)  Use your brain even when you don’t have to study, “train your brain” even rhymes well! For your engine to be ready and steady, you also need to keep it warmed up. Intellectual games will help your thinking, expand your vision and develop your conversation game beyond its current level and ability. 

10)  When it is time to use the knowledge, you have gathered over the past weeks, don’t panic. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will do great. Relax and remain cold-blooded to extract the deposits from your brainy bank account, don’t buy into the fear of others, as those who are afraid didn’t prepare at all. Best of luck to you!