How to Play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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The fundamental of any game is an interesting story, and when it comes to Zelda, then from the plot we are waiting for a lot.

But let’s plunge into history a little. The first part of Zelda was released for the first time in Japan, in 1991. A year later, the counters of America and Europe have already replenished with a game that gained a large part of the fans of the Japanese region. Our hero, Link, is rescuing Princess Zelda from the clutches of the wicked wizard Agamnima. History «a link to the past» is a prequel to the early parts of the Zelda series.   

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The plot is a prequel to the first two parts of Zelda. The game is tied to a series of events with the evil sorcerer Agahnim. At first Link saves the princess, then he has to find the mystical pendants and get the Master’s artifact sword and after that fight with Agahnim. However, this is only the beginning of the adventure, after the battle with the sorcerer, Link teleports to the parallel dark world of Khairul. Having passed the enemies, having opened the locations and having found the seven descendants of the Seven Wise Men, who are hidden in the temples of the Dark World, our hero again finds the Agama. Another battle, the wizard falls, but in his place appears Ganon and again we take up above the dark side, this time, finally.



Connoisseurs and fans of the series put the game in the first place, together with Ocarina of Time, largely due to the gameplay. The game has a huge number of heads and tasks scattered on both worlds. If talking about the worlds, Hiraul was not always a world of evil, some time before it was a sacred kingdom, before the enslavement of Ganon. But what made it so easy to capture the whole world? The whole fault is the artifact Triforce, who very quickly drove the light into the darkness.

Our hero throughout the game goes through both worlds. A feature and differences in the fact are that some of it are identical, and some are different. Moreover, when going into the dark world, Link’s actions are temporarily limited, there is no possibility of using objects and weapons until he finds an artifact, which solves this problem.

About 50% of the game distance we spend in the Light World. Here we need the Master’s sword, for which Link must find 3 pendants and overcome for the first time Agamnima at the castle of Khairul. In the second half of the game, we will lead the world, where Link will visit 7 temples, radically different from their prototypes in the Light World. During the passage of the Dark World dungeons, it is also necessary to periodically visit the Light World to perform various actions with the object, then return again to the Dark World, a place where it was impossible to pass, becomes passable.



The division of the same location into its two different parts and the phenomenon of “parallel world” in the Zelda series happened precisely in Link to the Past, after which this mechanics already appeared in many other parts of the series. In the game, as we already wrote before, there are many riddles, the action takes place alternately in a dungeon, then in the world. Such a structure of the game is quite typical for the Zelda series. We will add here fights with a number of bosses and mini-bosses. After defeating them or cleaning up the dungeon, we find a new item that is the key to the puzzle or weapon to the next boss.

In our review, we did not specifically disassemble the hero’s inventory and additional items, giving different opportunities to Link, in order to leave interest in this great game. This is not just a genre, it’s a whole army of beautiful games and Link to the Past is its beautiful representative. If you want to get acquainted with this world, then Zelda’s story is a perfect example. The game turned out to be so good and it was so popular that the various “sets” and “bands” did not take long to wait.