Top 4 online slots’ facts you should know about


Christmas is only a few months away! If you love both online slots and holiday festivals equally, you can already get into the Christmas spirit with the online slot machine game called Deck the Halls. However, don’t do it without equipping yourself with ample knowledge about how to win at online slots! Let’s provide you with an easy to follow guide that can help you gain maximum returns from the online slot games at your favorite online casinos, and who knows, you could be a big winner!

Pay attention to the feature rounds

These rounds are of great importance in any slot machine, especially the online slots, and get triggered whenever you hit certain symbols on the reels known as scatter symbols. The feature rounds can be of all shapes and sizes, for instance:

  • Free spins, wherein you can place risk free bets on a certain number of spins
  • Instant cash bonuses
  • Re-spins, enabling you to repeat your last spin, often with a certain winning or wild symbol in place
  • Interactive games featuring cash, free spins and other kinds of prizes

Winning at online slot games is a lot about playing the ones that have a fairly good selection of profit-yielding feature rounds. It’s these rounds where the real money is, as they offer some of the biggest bonuses and multipliers!

Progressive Jackpot slots are the best

Majority of people who’ve won the biggest prizes in online slots have won it from progressive jackpot slots. For instance, a soldier named Jonathan Haywood from Cheshire in UK turned his £ 0.25 wager into a massive £ 13,209,300 through progressive online slots!

What sets progressive jackpot slots apart from the regular ones is that their jackpot amount gets bigger and bigger with every spin of the slot machine anywhere in the world. The jackpot amount is contributed to by a large number of players, playing that online slot game from different parts of the world.

It’s these kinds of online slot games where you can win those life changing amounts! Hence, you must always try playing the slot games that have big progressive jackpots. In general, the higher is your bet amount, the higher will be the chances of bagging the jackpot. But, as Mr Hayward had proved, you can even turn pennies into millions of pounds sometimes!



Go with the unique slot games

Majority of the appeal of online slot games is because of amazing themes and uniqueness they offer. In fact, some of the slot games are not so much of casino games per se, but video games with a chance of winning huge sums. The Incredible Hulk slot game is a good example in this regard. This game from the Marvel series has some of the slickest graphics that breathe life into the famous comic book.

Such games are often themed around popular stories, characters, movies, bands, sports, fairy tales, holiday spots, celebrations and more!



Provision of free spins

Last but not the least, the online slot game you play must have a provision for free spins. There are many online slots out there that can give you a shot at huge bonuses without even risking a penny from your pocket! Don’t miss out on them!


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