4 Tips to Snap Better Photos for Your Social Media Feed


Do you like to share photos on social media, but constantly feel that your photos aren’t quite as good as some others out there?

While you may not be a professional photographer or have a top of the line camera, you can still snap pretty amazing photos – even with a simple digital camera or smartphone.

It may surprise you, but the truth is that photography is really more about skill than equipment – which is why any camera should be good enough for most shots. To start snapping better photos, here are 4 tips that should help:

  • Learn about the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a simple yet powerful trick that you can use to snap much better photos. Essentially you should divide your frame into three vertically and horizontally, and position important elements according to the lines and intersection points to draw attention to them.

  • Hold your camera steady

One of the problems new photographers often face is that their photos look blurry because they aren’t able to hold their camera completely steady. Try holding your camera with both hands and with your elbows locked at your side – and if that fails, maybe think about using a camera holder or stand.

  • Take advantage of perspective

Almost all photos shot by amateurs tend to be from eye-level, as that is their perspective. To shoot photographs that look different and therefore have a unique effect, try changing that perspective and shooting from a much lower or much higher angle. Similarly you should try scoping out the shot from different viewpoints to see how best to capture it.

  • Get close and avoid using the zoom

Although your camera may be capable of zooming, it is generally preferably to physically get closer to your subject as opposed to using it. Doing so will change the perspective of your shot and provide a shallower depth of field that will give the subject more prominence in relation to the backdrop.

  • Keep an eye on the light

Light is extremely important in photography and will have a huge effect on your photos. If you snap photos with the light in the background it is likely that the subject will appear shadowy and washed out. As a rule of thumb try to make sure any source of bright light is behind you, and not behind your subject.

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You may also be interested in light-room presets to enhance the quality of your photos. See more.


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