Your name determines what you look like. Really.

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that you do, to a degree, become the visual representation of the name which you were given at birth.

According to the research, people are able to match a name to a stranger’s face with almost a 50% accuracy – twice that of random chance.

Take the face-recognition test below to see how well you can match a stranger’s face to their name.

How does this happen?

The primary theory is that people subconsciously adapt their behavior and lifestyle to match their name.

For example someone named Joy could adopt a cheerful  disposition (which would reflect on her face in form of smile lines).

Another example would be someone named Elizabeth (a serious, royal name) may be expected to be serious and so will smile less and have fewer smile lines and wrinkles.

Let’s see how well YOU can do. Match the each person’s picture with their name then scroll down to the bottom of the page for answers.

Face Recognition Test

Courtesy of Daily Mail UK.

Computers can be programmed to recognize faces at a rate of up to 65%. So if you go above 60% – congratulations, your face recognition abilities are better than most people’s and better than a computer’s.

Keep scrolling for the answers.





Here are the answers:

If you got  4 out of 6 right, you have beaten the computer’s best score.

A – Phoebe

B – Harry

C – Stephen

D – Alice

E – Tim

F – Daisy

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