The Best Wedding “First Look” Ever

The “First Look” is a trend in wedding photography where the photographer captures the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time all dressed up before the wedding. Most videos portray a groom crying tears of joy and then the couple laughing together and sharing the moment. Most, also, have the bride in her wedding dress ready to walk down the aisle. Elizabeth Rex Huntley decided to change the game a little bit by wearing a giant inflatable T-Rex costume.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, she revealed that her mother’s maiden name and her middle name is Rex. Since she wanted to make her first look memorable, the T-Rex costume was a match made in wedding heaven. She wore the costume over her wedding dress, so don’t worry, she didn’t actually get married in the costume.

Tom Gardner, Elizabeth’s husband-to-be took the costume very well, with a huge laugh, telling the Huffington Post that the costume was the “perfect start to their life together.” They both were able to have a good laugh to release the stress of wedding planning and truly enjoy the day.

The brilliant photographer and videographer behind this First Look is Jonathan Murray of Jon Clark Weddings.

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