Top 5 Posts for January 2017

Can you believe we are already a full month into 2017!? Here are the most viewed posts from the last month, they weren’t necessarily written last month but they were heavily viewed!


#5 Baby Animals

Don’t be fooled by their cute faces and tiny paws, these animals are…. well, actually they are just really adorable.

#4 Unexplained Mysterious Photos

This post has topped our list for several months, and these photos are still no closer to being fully explained.

#3 When You Look Into Someone’s Eyes You See Their Soul

A collection of photos that tell the story of a person just by their portrait.

#2 How Meth Destroys People

The drug methamphetamine can do a serious number to the bodies and faces of regular users. This photo series depicts a “before and after” of many drug users through their mug shots.

#1 Guess The 50 Movie Names from Emoticons

Test your movie knowledge with a quiz that involves only iphone emojis!

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