Which Zoo Animals are the Biggest Jerks, According to Reddit.

This week a very important question was asked on one of the worlds most popular websites, Reddit. User AtariLynx wanted to know which zoo animals were the biggest jerks to zookeepers and their handlers. As usual, Reddit did not disappoint.

Zoos have been in the news quite a lot recently, with both positive and negative press. Animal rights groups have protested the so-called mistreatment of wild animals, while at other times we all watch in awe as some of the biggest and most ferocious creatures roll around and play in freshly fallen snow like giant dogs. However, we as visitors usually have absolutely no idea what goes on behind closed doors. We can watch National Geographic all we want and we still don’t know how a tamed and trained camel will act with humans that she knows love her and bring her yummy food.

Well, those questions are over. Zookeepers from all over the world chimed in with their horror stories of animals that just couldn’t help themselves. Some were attacked by the creatures in their charge, while others have hilarious stories of escaping animals. Read on to see!

(Beware, foul language lies ahead.)

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