Baddie Winkle- The World’s Favorite Grandma

We have brought you Baddie Winkle before, but who is this octogenarian siren, and how did she come to grace us with her magnificent presence?

Baddie Winkle was formerly known as Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle… we can see why she shortened it!

Baddie got her start on the crazy world that is the internet in 2014, when she was 85 years old! Her great granddaughter, Kennedy, had helped her to upload a photo wearing Kennedy’s clothes, and it was all downhill from there.

Life wasn’t always glitter and neon for the lovely miss Baddie, however. Her husband Earl died in a car accident after 35 years of marriage, and just a few years later her son David died after a brutal battle with cancer. As she struggled with the depression of losing her loved ones,Β she decided to reinvent herself by wearing clothes and acting a little bit out of her comfort zone. She created Baddie to release the grief.

In 2014 her 17-year-old great-granddaughter took a picture of Baddie wearing a tie dye shirt and jean shorts and put it on the internet- our first viewing of Baddie herself. Within days her account had thousands of followers, including the queen of weird, Rihanna herself!

Since Baddie’s inception online, she has been able to schmooze with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, The Kardashians, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, and more!

At 88 years young, Baddie still has a lot of life- and a lot of fashion- to give the world. We can’t wait to see what she wears next!


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