Why You Should Buy A Christmas Jumper Before It’s too Late!

Christmas jumpers

Whether you love it or hate it, the popularity of Christmas jumpers around the festive period has skyrocketed over recent years. And, while people have previously been less willing to get involved in the Christmas jumper trend, it is beginning to be more than just a day to wear colourful knitwear. Christmas jumper day now enables you to do more with your jumper than build up sweat in an incredibly warm office (am I right?).

The History Of Christmas Jumpers

The origins of the Christmas jumper date back to the late 19th century in the USA. The item of clothing was seen as more of a celebratory item of clothing for the festive season than a fun item of clothing to wear. American’s in the 1930’s knitted to lift their spirits and to create an item of clothing to keep them warm during the Great Depression. Those who knitted would copy the jumpers they saw their favourite stars wearing on the big screen. From the 1950’s it was commonplace to see American families sporting festive jumpers as they sat down to eat their Christmas dinner.

Competitions and Charity

Alongside wearing a festive jumper for the fun of it (and because your workplace has made it into an annual event), there are other positive outcomes to sporting a silly knit. Ladbrokes are currently running a competition in which all you have to do is take a selfie outside of one of their shops whilst sporting a jumper- the winner will win a high street voucher and for every submission Ladbrokes will donate £5 to St Luke’s Hospice charity. As well as being fun, wearing a Christmas jumper for a day will mean you could help other people and could also potentially win some money to spend in the New Year- it’s a win, win! The Christmas jumper craze has even encouraged the town of Cardigan in Wales to change their name to ‘Jumper’ over the festive period to promote the cause of Christmas jumper day and donating money to charity (Save The Children).

Tips To Style Out Your Christmas Jumper Look

Christmas jumpers feature designs of snowmen, elves, holly, Santa and reindeer and have also become more creative and crazy as the years have gone by. The more colorful, the better (kitsch is in when it comes to festive jumper choices!). They are best when adorned in glitter, pom-poms and flashing lights.

Celebrity Endorsement

If you’re still unconvinced that its about time you bought yourself a Christmas jumper then maybe the fact that the likes of Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg  have all been spotted wearing Christmas jumpers will raise your enthusiasm. Retailers such as Topshop, Burberry and H&M have also become committed to the Christmas jumper cause and have their very own Christmas lines… why not grab yourself a high fashion Christmas jumper?

In 2012 a survey was taken and it was found that 41% of the UK population owned a Christmas jumper. So, if you’re not committed enough to buy a Christmas jumper, why not borrow one from someone you know and donate to charity at the same time?

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