This Amazing Mag-Lev Turntable Defies Gravity

While CDs continue to die off at an alarming rate, the much less convenient but much more nostalgic vinyl records are more popular than they have been in decades.

Audiophiles love to go on and on about how warm vinyl sounds and the frequency range offered by the format and so obviously, we buy it up. But then we play our new 180 gram vinyl on an old turntable we found in our parents’ garage and it sounds…not great. It’s time to bring our turntables into the 21st century. And getting them to defy gravity is a great first step.

MAG-LEV audio has married the beloved vinyl format of the past with contemporary technology by creating the world’s first levitating turntable. The levitating platter runs smoother than any mechanical turntable and sensor regulating software guarantees perfect playback — no more wobbles! And if you lose power, the platter won’t come crashing down, destroying your precious vinyl; a UPS system stores enough power to safely lift the tonearm, stop the record, and return the platter feet to resting position.

The MAG-LEV Audio levitating turntable is currently live on Kickstarter. The $300,000 goal has already been surpassed with almost a month to go. You can reserve yours starting at $780, with delivery estimated to begin August 2017.


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