2017 Pirelli Calendar Shows The Unretouched Beauty Of Older Celebrities Without Photoshop

Uma Thurman

Rather than putting make-up on women before a photo shoot, German photographer Peter Lindbergh captures their natural beauty and doesn’t retouch the pics.

Titled “Emotional”, his black and white series of photos for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar is continuing last year’s tradition of celebrating women beyond glitz.

“I wanted to portray women not in terms of their perfection, but through their feelings and emotions. That’s why I called this edition of the Calendar Emotional: not some artificial perfection, but the real world and the emotions that well up behind the faces of these women,” Lindbergh said.

Featuring 14 beloved actresses, including Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Penelope Cruz, the photos were shot in London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and on a beach in France. Each photo perfectly shows that beauty is not about youth and perfection, as shown in mass media, but about the raw feelings and emotions within.

See some of the stunning photos below.

More info: pirelli.com | Facebook | Instagram (h/t)

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