This Comic Artist Perfectly Sums Up Being a Young Woman Today

Cassandra Calin is a Romanian artist who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. She excels at witty black and white sketches that have turned into a series of hilarious comics detailing the life of a young woman living in the modern world.


Each comic features a pretty young woman with long, curly, dark hair in a myriad of situations that many (if not all) modern women face. She delves into fashion, makeup, weather, hair problems, relationships, and just plain daily life. For any woman living in today’s world, the comics strike close to home in a hilarious fashion.


The young woman drawn in many of Cassandra’s comics is, in fact, a representation of the artist herself, complete with curly hair problems and #restingbitchface. Though the sketches are all black and white, they have incredible detail and a fun storyline to them, told through fantastic facial expressions and equally expressive hair curls.


The stories are all at least semi-autobiographical. According to Cassandra’s website, she writes down ideas from things that she experiences in her life and then chooses the funniest to immortalize in a comic.


Each comic takes Cassandra 2-4 hours to complete, and her unique style has garnered her some 700,000 followers on Facebook, with an additional 400,000 on Instagram.


Cassandra does accept commissions if you want to have a portrait drawn by her in her traditional style, and she also dabbles in different mediums, including digital art and pencil drawings.


If you want to add Cassandra’s work to your life, you can visit her Society 6 store, where she sells everything from art prints to comforters with her unique art.


You can find Cassandra on many sites across the internet:




Society 6 


and her own website.


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