These Amazing Origami Measuring Spoons Fold Into 8 Different Sizes

Polygons are flat, origami-like measuring spoons that fold into the 4 most common measurement sizes for TBSP and TSP.

Traditional measuring spoons can take up a lot of space in your kitchen drawer and just finding the size can be an adventure.


The hinges of Polygons are made of TPR, which the creators claim have the property of being able to flex a 100,000 cycles without failure. The design was first teased in 2014 by Rahul Agarwal and has recently resurfaced as a Kickstarter project.


The team has smashed passed their original funding goal of $10,000, raising a staggering $250,000+ with 33 days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign.

For more information please visit Kickstarter.


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