The Beauty of Dance – NYC Dance Project


If you haven’t heard of the NYC Dance Project, now is the time to inform yourself! The NYC Dance Project was started by couple Ken Browar and Deborah Ory. They were looking to decorate their 13-year-old daughter’s room when she asked to fill the room with photographs of her favorite modern dancers. Much to their dismay, the only photos they could find were of dancers from 40 years ago or more.


Since Ken is a successful photographer, having worked for huge brands like Dior photographing celebrities like Natalie Portman, he opted to tackle the project himself. Deborah has a background in dancing, and only entered the photography world when an injury caused her to stop dancing.


All of their photos are taken in their home studio, which is part of what makes the portraits so striking. Each photo is shot with the same backdrop and lighting, putting the focus 100% on their subject. The dancers may strike a pose, show off a dance move, or simply stand and stare into the camera with laser focus. Their clothes might be hardly anything, or they may move with an increidbly beautiful motion that practically leaps from the screen.


The most interesting part of the project, however, is the background of the dancers themselves. Ken and Deborah really try to showcase who the dancers are behind the shoes. Why do they dance? What does it mean to their lives, and how do they bring meaning to the dance? The couple is really thrusting modern classical dance into the spotlight, and these dancers are shining!


Ken and Deborah’s latest project, “The Art of Movement” is a large coffee table book that will showcase over 70 dancers and some absolutely incredible images.

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