Unhappily Ever After: Art Series Showing Us What Happens When Fantasy Meets Reality

Fairytales are told to make us believe in happy endings and magical moments. Truth is, there is no fairy godmother to make your wishes come true.

New York City-based storyboard and animation artist Jeff Hong has created Unhappily Ever After, a photos series of well-known Disney characters in unfortunate real world situations.

Hong is not the first artist to place fairy tail characters in dark contexts, but his pictures make us reconsider what “happily ever after” actually means.

Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-13 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-12 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-11 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-10 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-9 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-8 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-7  Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-5 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-4 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-3 Unhappily-Ever-After-by-Jeff-Hong-1

You can view more images from his collection at Tumblr.

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