Common Foods That Make You Hallucinate

We all know there are certain natural substances that you can eat or smoke to feel awesome or weird. Food you eat can cause happiness, sadness, minor mental bloating. Hallucination might be on a different order of mental alteration, but food can cause it just the same.

There is many edible things that could alter your mind.

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The information in this article should only be used to satisfy your curiosity! Please DO NOT eat this food for the purpose of getting high, because it actually may cause many horrible and unpleasant side effect.

Poppy Seeds


Poppy seeds come from poppy plants, that means they’re directly related to opium, and thus heroin by proxy. Some people say that overconsumption of products using the seeds can trigger false positives on drug tests.

Coca Leaves


These leaves not only help the body deal with altitude sickness, they also provide mild euphoria and act as a stimulant.

Where the plant is native people chew it and brew it to take the edge off, sort of like us Americans do with whiskey and cigarettes, except healthier and with valid medicinal qualities.

Peyote Cactus


Peyote is a cactus that grows in Mexico. This all natural, organic, super-psychedelic will put you on a vision quest, but don’t abuse it or use it insincerely.

Legend has it that the cactus can bend your trip to its whims based on your intent in taking it.

Chili Peppers


While eating chili peppers you can experience heat-induced delirium.

There isn’t much literature available on why eating hot peppers would lead to head trips, but two things seem to be going on. First, there’s the endorphin rush from the pain caused by the hotness of the chile–this is what any of us civilian pepper-eaters experience from normal hot sauce, and why burningly spicy things feel so good.

Betel Nut


The Betel Nut comes from the Areca Catechu palm tree and is a popular mild stimulant chewed from Taiwan to Thailand. Repeated chewing leads to highly stained teeth, as you can see on picture.

The high is not like crack or any other hard drug. Reported effects are general feeling of well being with side effects of hunger suppression and alertness.

Morning Glory Seeds


Morning glory seeds do produce some sort of psychoactive effect on the brain, being in the company of two other highly potent hallucinogens.

According to an article by Albert Hoffman, the ancient Aztec people venerated the seeds of morning glory, which is a member of the convolvulaceae plant family, as one of their three sacred substances.

Moldy rye bread


One of the most common grain fungi is called ergot, and it contains a chemical called ergotamine, which is used to make lysergic acid–not LSD itself, but one of the precursor chemicals, which can have similarly trippy effects.

Outbreaks of ergot poisoning, which also cause intense convulsions, “gangrenous symptoms,” and death, have dropped off since the 19th century, and the last big one happened in a French village in 1951.



A British study from 2009 found that people who drink three cups of coffee a day (or the equivalent amount of caffeine, whatever the vector) were more likely to hallucinate.

The researchers came up with two hypotheses for this: the caffeine could be upping levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can freak the brain out to the point of light hallucination, or it could just be that those with a propensity for some mild hallucination self-medicate with caffeine as a coping mechanism.

Angel Trumpet Tea


Beware this prevalent flower. The Angel Trumpet, also known Datura, and sometimes here in Miami as Bella Donna, can kill you.

The flowers can be ingested after a tea-like brew, smoked, or even eaten in seed form. In many cases ingestion leads to psychotic visions or intense hallucinations. Getting high on these can also stop breathing and result in death.

Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms


They taste kind of like styrofoam mixed with dirt and muddy water, but for centuries humans have eaten them to sate their metaphysical hunger for trips into and out of their own consciousness.



Nutmeg doesn’t just get you high, it can totally f#$! you up. Users, who either snort, smoke, or eat the stuff, report anything from a marijuana-like buzz to a flu-like horror complete with sweats, runny nose, feverish feeling, and anxious nerves.

Featured image source: Photograph by Christina Holmes GIF by Erik S. Peterson)

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