Clever Packaging Designs

An innovative design not only provides information but utility.

We often consider the products we use and their packaging to be two separate things – the product is the thing we want, and its packaging is a piece of trash to be thrown away. These clever packaging designs, however, prove that a well-designed package can complement or even enhance the product it was designed to carry.

Great examples of clever packaging
Advertising vs reality
What if all natural food had labels

Sticker helps you choose the right mango


Fast food to go


Pasta with serving sizes from 1 – 6

Design by Neal Fletcher


Edible cookie straw


Butter packet with a lid that spreads

Design by Yeong Keun

simple-useful-packaging-designs-3 simple-useful-packaging-designs-4 simple-useful-packaging-designs-5

Popcorn bag that turns into a bowl

Design by Packlab


Tearable pizza box turns into plates, and a smaller box for leftovers and more compact storage.

Design by GreenBox

simple-useful-packaging-designs-9simple-useful-packaging-designs-8  simple-useful-packaging-designs-10

Label reacts to ammonia given off by food to tell you if it’s edible or spoiled

Design by TO-GENKYO

simple-useful-packaging-designs-11 simple-useful-packaging-designs-12 simple-useful-packaging-designs-13

A toothpaste tube you can get to the bottom of

Design by Guo Lili


Coffee lid with all of the fixings

Design by Joshua Harris


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