Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Cracked Phone Screen

It happens to the best of us – one drop of the phone, and BAM! … cracked screen. But some people won’t just take it sitting down. With a little bit of creativity they make cracked phone screen awesome.

$5 bicycle cell phone charger by 16 year old romanian inventor
Turn your smartphone into a mini 3d hologram projector
Weird new way to extend your phone battery

cracked_phone_screen_01 cracked_phone_screen_02 cracked_phone_screen_03 cracked_phone_screen_04 cracked_phone_screen_05 cracked_phone_screen_06 cracked_phone_screen_07 cracked_phone_screen_08 cracked_phone_screen_09 cracked_phone_screen_10 cracked_phone_screen_11 cracked_phone_screen_12 cracked_phone_screen_13 cracked_phone_screen_14 cracked_phone_screen_15 cracked_phone_screen_16 cracked_phone_screen_17 cracked_phone_screen_18 cracked_phone_screen_19

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