Sculpture of Life-Size Elephant Playing Chess With A Mouse Made Entirely Of Sand

Sculptor Ray Villafane, teamed up with artist Sue Beatrice to create an astonishing sand sculpture of a nine foot life-size elephant named Chessie Trunkston playing chess with a field mouse named Hershel Higginbottom.


The fun and super detailed sculpture is on display under the Sanderson Lincoln Pavillion in downtown Carefree, Arizona until August, so keep that in mind if you’re in the area!

For more information please visit artists’ websites: Ray Villafane , Sue Beatrice

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elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-10 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-12 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-6 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-13 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-4 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-8 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-1 elephant-mouse-playing-chess-sand-sculpture-ray-villafane-sue-beatrice-5

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