Cute Miniature Treehouses for House Plants

Jedediah Corwyn Voltz is an artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles. For an upcoming exhibition at Virgin Normal entitled, Somewhere Small, Voltz will showcase a series of miniature treehouses he has built for a various house plants.

The playful series features impressive details and touches to make the miniature spaces feel authentic.

For more info please visit artist’s Blog | Prints | Portfolio | Instagram

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treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-1 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-2 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-2 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-3 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-5 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-6 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-7 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-8 treehouses-for-house-plants-by-jedediah-corwyn-voltz-9

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