Stunning Miniature Structures Carved Into Raw Stone

Matthew Simmonds sculpts these stunning miniature architectural structures from raw stone.

“In my sculptures I am concerned with the common human achievement; the cultural expressions thrown up by different societies, and how the various cultural traditions interact with and influence each other. Stone is the thing that survives the most from older times, and has an inherent sense of strength and permanence that has given it a central role in historical architecture. It is also a natural material, and in this way it inherently has a connection with the Earth’s past.” – Simmonds explains in an interview with Colossal

Everyday clothes carved out of marble
The lonely castle in the middle of the desert

Matt_Simm02 Matt_Simm04 Matt_Simm06 Matt_Simm07 Matt_Simm08 Matt_Simm09 Matt_Simm10


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