Former Flight Attendant Published Photos Of The Most Hideous Plain Passengers

It is unlikely that, when former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen started the Passenger Shaming website, she expected it to become such a hit. But it did, and quickly, as outraged flyers from all over the world flooded it with photos of the most disgusting or otherwise unacceptable passenger behavior they captured during their travels.

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PassengerShaming01 PassengerShaming02 PassengerShaming03 PassengerShaming04 PassengerShaming05 PassengerShaming06 PassengerShaming07 PassengerShaming08 PassengerShaming09 PassengerShaming10 PassengerShaming11 PassengerShaming12 PassengerShaming13 PassengerShaming14 PassengerShaming15 PassengerShaming16 PassengerShaming17 PassengerShaming18 PassengerShaming19 PassengerShaming20 PassengerShaming21 PassengerShaming22 PassengerShaming23 PassengerShaming24 PassengerShaming25 PassengerShaming26

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