Stunning Cookie Art

Judit Czinkné Poór is a Hungarian artist and pastry chef that creates the most incredible cookie art I have seen. Working out of her studio, Mézesmanna, Judit uses icing like a paintbrush, creating incredible edibles.

The pastry artist has amassed a huge following on Facebook where she has nearly 300,000 fans. She has also recently joined Instagram and is quickly gaining a following there as well.

Judit runs workshops out of her studio and shares her amazing creations online for all to enjoy. Be sure to check out the gallery below as well as a timelapse video of her drawing with icing at the very end.

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cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-1 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-2 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-3 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-4 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-5 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-6 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-7 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-8 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-9 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-11 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-13 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-14 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-17 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-18 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-19 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-20 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-21 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-22 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-23 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-24 cookie-icing-art-by-mezesmanna-25

[via Colossal]

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