Are These Strange Bumps First Signs Of Extraterrestrial Life?

Cauliflower-like shapes have been spotted on the surface of Mars, and leading experts say that these “micro-digitate silica protrusions” might have been created by microbes.

These silica protrusions were first found in 2008, but nobody could figure out how they got there – until similar protrusions were examined in Chile’s Atacama desert.


They determined that the formations in the Atacama desert were formed by microbes, which means that it’s very possible that some form of microbe also formed the patterns on Mars!

If this theory is true, then these weird bumps may be the first evidence of extraterrestrial life ever recorded! But don’t get too excited. Until we can prove that these were marks made by microbes, we won’t know for sure, and considering that it took eight years just to come up with this theory, I’m guessing that this might take a while.

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