Abandoned Cave Dwelling Turned Into Vacation Home

The Rockhouse is a unique luxury cave retreat, hand sculpted from a Triassic sandstone escarpment near the Wyre Forest in rural Worcestershire. Set in 3 acres of woodland on the banks of Honey Brook, The Rockhouse has been occupied for over 700 years.

According to the BBC, Angelo Mastropietro came across the site near Kidderminster when he sheltered there during a rain storm in 1999. He bought it at auction for £62,000 in 2010 after seeing it advertised as a ‘Fred Flintstone’ house, and submitted a planning application to Wyre Forest District Council.

Angelo spent around 1,000 hours breaking, cutting and burrowing the rock, excavating between 70 and 80 tons of rubble by hand. All of the fresh running water comes from Angelo’s own bore hole, which he sank 80 metres into the ground. [source]

For more information please visit The Rockhouse Retreat Website | Facebook | Airbnb

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