How to Maximise your Festivities on your Christmas trip

Are you taking a trip this festive season? There are countless fascinating winter getaways scattered throughout the Northern Hemisphere this winter, from city breaks to ski holidays. Whether you’re heading to Europe to see your family or to escape from them, there are several ways you can maximise the festive joy your holiday can bring you. Here’s a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Plan in advance
What exactly do you want to do this Christmas? Because you can almost guarantee you that there will dozens, if not hundreds of people who want to do exactly the same thing. Beat the crowds by planning your trip in advance – book all of your hotels, flights and tickets to your favourite attractions as early as possible. Not only can this keep you one step ahead of the other revellers, it can help keep the prices down too.

Decide what you’re doing about presents
Christmas presents are undoubtedly a big part of your Christmas holidays. They’re so ingrained in Western culture that even if you’re just giving a small token present, you’re still giving something. The question is this – do you buy before you travel, do you raid the Duty Free or do you travel before you buy?

On one hand nobody likes braving the stores during the last few days before Christmas, but on the other hand the bargains on the other end of your trip may be worth it. Do you want the convenience of buying before you travel or would you rather travel light? Weigh up the options and make a decision before you go any further.

Get out of bed
Tempting though it may be to have a lie in at the hotel, your holiday is likely to pass you by. Even if it’s just the once, try to get up early and head out to the local Christmas markets as they open. There is a lot to be gained from having a full day out while you’re off on holiday – not only can you avoid the crowds but you simply get more out of your day.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
With all that taken care of, all that’s left is to enjoy yourself. You’ve escaped on your Christmas holiday and now you have a chance to kick back and enjoy the sights that the world has to offer. Grab your camera and at least two memory cards (or make sure you have room on your smartphone) and off you go.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a good trip!

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