Future of canvas printing

Many people choose to pick canvas prints from stock images that fit in well with their home decorating style; it’s an easy way to find something that’s the perfect colour match and a great fit for your décor without splashing too much cash on expensive original pieces of art.

Beautiful sunsets, landscapes and pictures of flowers and foliage can help to create a relaxed and tranquil environment in the home, while other options like stills from films and images of bands or musicians can be a really personal way to show off your individuality in your home décor.

But by far the most popular way that people use canvas prints is to display their own favourite pictures and images around the home. A beautiful canvas can really make the most of special moments like graduations, weddings and babies, and create the perfect way to have them on show around the house so you can treasure your memories each and every day.

A single individual canvas can showcase one stand-out photo like a wedding portrait perfectly – hung above the fireplace for maximum impact. A new trend that’s emerging is to order three images on canvases the same size and display them in a triptych. Grandma’s sure to love a collection of portraits of her grandchildren, making it an ideal birthday or Christmas present idea.

Our easy access to high quality cameras these days means that anyone can take a canvas-worthy image, whether it’s with a fancy DSLR camera or just a good camera-phone, making DIY canvas prints more accessible than ever at the minute.

We’ve also got more access than ever before to the kind of photo editing software you used to have to be a professional to get your hands on. That means that even mediocre images shot at home can be transformed into gorgeous works of art – and we reckon that the bigger and more ubiquitous photo editing becomes, the more people will want to show off their skills on a canvas.

As Instagram’s popularity shows no signs of slowing, the trend for square photos rather than traditional rectangles also shows no signs of abating. To capture the Instagram aesthetic we anticipate square canvas prints are also on the up, and as millenials grow up and get homes of their own to decorate, we think that could be a big trend.

Finally, the quality of printing that’s available is better than it’s ever been before, but it’s always improving. This means that canvas prints themselves are of a higher quality than they ever have been in the past, and we reckon the superior print quality available will only serve to convert more people to handy and stylish canvas prints.

The growing popularity of OLED canvas wraps will help to drive the canvas printing industry; the technology is already being used to display stunning high quality reproductions of paintings, which should serve to prove just how good this new technique is. If it’s good enough to reproduce works of art, it should have no problem making light work of your family snaps and wall art!


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