Camel Barbers Of Pakistan Create Beautiful Designs in Fur

Every year in Pakistan, Muslim residents celebrate Eid al-Adha: an observance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his own son before God stepped in to stop him. For the holiday, a cow is usually used as the sacrificial offering with its meat then divided into three portions — one for themselves, one for their friends and family, and one for the poor and needy in their area.

Sometimes camels, sheep, and other livestock are substituted based on what’s available in the region. However, these camels don’t have to worry about being on the chopping block any time soon.

Instead, these humpbacks are on the receiving end of some rather skillful shearers. Camel barbers are hired by market traders to give their animals a gorgeous trim. Owners believe that special patterns increase the camels’ value at the cattle market.

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