3 Ways To Get Paid & Meet New People

It’s often difficult for people to make friends and expand their social circles. Some jobs can help you meet new people, though. If you want to improve your social life, consider whether you would enjoy working in one of these three jobs. They are great ways to meet people outside of your current group of friends.

Work as a Journalist


Journalists have to make connections within the community to do their jobs. Working as a journalist gives you a reason to talk to people you meet on the street. Just stop them and ask for an interview about current events.

Covering news also requires going to events like political rallies and fundraisers. These are great places to meet influential people who share your interests.

After you have worked for several years, you can also become an important outlet for people who want to express their views on local and national topics. Some of the people you will likely meet include successful business leaders, politicians, and activists. Best of all, you get the opportunity to have real conversations with these people instead of just suffering through small talk.

How much money you earn depends on where you work and what company you work for. The median wage for journalists is about $36,000. Those who work in Washington, D.C., however, earn nearly $75,000 per year. In New York, reporters can expect to make about $63,500 annually.

Partner With Uber

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies in the transportation industry. The company grew by 400 percent between 2013 and 2014. For comparison, taxi, chauffeur, and limo companies only grew by about 16 percent. That rapid growth means you will meet a lot of people as you drive them to and from their destinations.

Driving with Uber is also a great way to make money. The average driver partner can make $19.04 an hour. Taxi drivers only make an average $10.97 per hour.

Plus, Uber partners get to set their own schedules. With the freedom to drive during the hours that you want, you can pursue your social interests without letting work get too much in the way.

Make Drinks at a Bar or Restaurant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average bartender makes about $10.88 per hour. Those in the 90th percentile, however, make $16.79 an hour. It’s obviously better to work at a popular, upscale restaurant or bar, where you can earn more money, and besides the basic wage, tips can be substantial.

Working as a bartender, however, isn’t all about the money. If you’re looking to meet new people, it’s hard to think of a position that will introduce you to a larger group. Popular bars are often packed on weekend nights.

Working at a bar or restaurant also gives you opportunities to meet local regulars who drop by for drinks during the afternoon and early evening. Seeing them outside of the busiest hours gives you plenty of chances to chat. After a few weeks,  you’ll have friends all over the neighborhood.

Getting a new job can help you meet new people while you get paid. Which of these opportunities sounds most interesting to you?


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