A Photographer Braves Nature’s Rage To Capture Wild, Terrifying Beauty

California’s wildfires are not to be taken lightly. They sweep over the land, incinerate entire towns and forests, and leave destruction in their wake. Every day, firefighters battle to keep the flames away from homes and businesses, while residents are sometimes forced to evacuate. It seems hellish, but Los Angeles-based photographer Stuart Palley sees another side to the fires, as well. In these blazes, he sees majestic beauty.

It is worth noting that each time he goes out to shoot, he takes precautions to ensure both his safety and the safety of any firefighters who may be working close by. He’s also completed a U.S. Forestry Service course on wildfires. Safety first, everyone!

You can see the rest of Terra Flamma and more of Palley’s work on his website, as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

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For a more objective view of what Palley’s facing on photoshoots, check out this coverage.

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