Artist Puts Cloud Prints On Buildings To Brighten City Streets

Benjamin Løzninger is involved in so many projects that he probably doesn’t know them all himself…
He’s is a french art director, graphic designer, photographer, musician, director, illustrator and visual artist based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
He’s the co-founder of the french-american collective FrenchBK.

This is what he says about his awesome project:

“I decided to stick to this very simple concept, without other aesthetic or arty interference, to reinforce the universality of the message, and make it stronger despite its apparent simplicity. So I went to the countryside near Dijon in France famous for its amazing view and took loads of pictures of clouds. Then they were printed on paper or sticker and put on the walls for a temporary period.”

For more of his work please visit

Terrifying beauty of storm clouds
Amazing clouds that look like other things
Pictures of clouds from space

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