Climbing an Icon – The View From Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

Sydney has a lot to offer for sightseeing since it is a beautiful city, but none of those sights is as beautiful as that from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

One of your greatest mistakes when visiting Sydney would be not climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This bridge is more than an icon to Australia and Sydney, it’s a platform to touch the sky and feel free. People that have climbed mountain peaks would understand this. They know the feeling when you have conquered a height and you feel the breeze on your skin… it’s dreamy.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the pride of the city, and by allowing people to climb it, Aussies want to share how special it is. The view of the entire harbour is breath-taking as you gaze upon all the activity going on down, all the ships sailing in and out.

The best time to visit Down Under and climb atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is during Australia Day in January. As you might know the summer days in Australia are blown to full scale during the Northern hemisphere’s winter months, which is a nice get-away from the cold days if you are living somewhere in Europe, North America or North Asia. On Australia day the harbour is brimming with activity as it prepares for the Ferrython.

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From atop the bridge you can spot Sydney Cove, known as Circular Quay, the arrival point of the First Fleet of British Ships in 1788. The view gives you a perspective of how big and beautiful Sydney is. It gives a fresh perspective to Aussies too about their city and their own backyard. The climb lasts for three and a half hours, and you have to climb a total of 1332 stairs. The highest point is 134 metres. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure.

As you climb, weave along the path and duck, the first spectacular view is that of the Opera House. This is the point where those with fear of heights might reconsider if they want to continue. It can get a bit dizzy. As you continue to climb you feel the bridge vibrating and excitement builds up in your stomach. It may look like a roller-coaster ride when you begin to notice the arches high above and all the ships sailing.

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Anyway, you can imagine how good the view from the Sydney Harbour Bridge is at dusk or dawn. Imagine it at night when the entire city is lit up (yes, you are allowed to climb it at night too). It is meant to be enjoyed nonstop! To those that are brave enough and not afraid of heights it could be the climb of their life! As you stand up there with the wind rushing, you say to yourself, “It was really worthwhile!”


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