#ThePowerOfMakeup – New Instagram Trend To Fight Makeup Shaming

Women who love to wear a lot of makeup can sometimes be accused by others of being insecure or of being overly concerned with impressing men, but Nikkie, a Youtuber famous for her makeup tutorials and expertise, wants to change all that and show that some women enjoy makeup because it’s fun, others because it makes them feel better, and yet others because it’s an art form!

After she posted a video showing the power of makeup and how much she loves it, women started to post their own half-made-up selfies on Instagram, sharing their own insights with the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup.

100 years of hair and makeup in a single minute
European beauties from 1930s
Take 37 seconds to see why we have an absolutely ridiculous standard of beauty

Watch the video below:

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