Jersey City Street Artists Transform An Abandoned Building Into A Local 5 Pointz

Green Villain, an art collective from Jersey City founded by Greg Edgell, embraces street art and its temporary nature. The organization is responsible for dozens of murals that have appeared across the city in the last few years. And when word got out that the former Pep Boys building on Marin Blvd was set to be demolished in the coming weeks, Edgell jumped at the chance to use the building to showcase local artists for a very temporary exhibition.

Dozens of artists, many of whom you can find on our 15 Jersey City Street Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram, have made their way to Newport to leave their mark on the building. Some leave simple graffiti tags while others create much more elaborate street art pieces. The effect is like Jersey City’s condensed version of 5 Pointz. And the best part is, there are still artists dropping by, ever adding to the artwork.

This sarcastic street art speaks the truth
Great examples of creative crosswalks street art
Clever street art piece that only works at night
This was truly amazing cultural place… NYC graffiti mecca “5pointz” is gone…

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