Powerful Photos Of Overpopulation And Overconsumption

In the 1950s, the world population was about 2.5 billion people. Today it’s just over 7 billion and estimates for 2050 are between 8.2 and 10.5 billion. Not only do all these people need space to live in, they also need food, Starbucks, and affordable, Eiffel Tower-adorned housewares from Target. As overpopulation becomes a problem, overconsumption and overdevelopment follow. In large, sprawling country like the US, it can be hard to grasp just how big the problem is, not just around the world, but in our own back yard.

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot is a new book that aims to educate the masses about the “over” problem using powerful photos from all over the globe. The book comes from Global Population Speak Out, an organization uniting world-class scientists, academicians, opinion-leaders, and concerned citizens that aims to bring international attention to the crises posed by overdevelopment and human population size and growth.

Shocking effects of deforestation exposed in ads
Drastic campaign ads promoting environmental protection
Californian lumberjacks working in the Redwoods

To order the book for $50 or for info on how you can get the book for free, check out Global Population Speak Out.

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