Amazing Card Flourishes in Super Slow Motion

Watch the Air Team at Virtuoso perform a series of amazing and highly technical card flourishes; all filmed with a slow motion camera so you can really appreciate the ‘carditsry’ on display.

The video features performances by Huron Low, Kevin Ho and Daren Yeow.

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For those interested, you can find a list of moves in the video below:

0:12 Yo! variation by Daren Yeow (credit to Lee Asher)
0:29 Sybil by Chris Kenner
0:30 Very Bad Habit by Brian Tudor
0:31 V Flip by Huron Low
0:33 Flurf by Kevin Ho
0:34 Raccoon by Kevin Ho
0:35 Indice Fans (classic)
0:37 Ribbon Spread (classic)
0:39 Skater Cut by Joey Burton
0:40 Firefly by Huron Low
0:43 Friffle by Oliver Søgård
0:46 Perfect Faro + Cascade (classic)
0:49 Slyce by Sylvester Singh
0:50 Vertigo by Dan Buck
0:52 Flicker by Huron Low
0:53 Rev 2 Twirl by Daren Yeow
0:55 Flicker Shot (behind the back) by Huron Low
0:59 Long Distance Spinner by Audley Walsh
1:03 Riffle Fan by Dimitri Arleri
1:05 Off the Hook by Kevin Ho (credit to Chris Kenner)
1:11 Anaconda by Bone Ho
1:15 One Handed Perfect Faro by Bone Ho, Daren Yeow
1:16 Waterwheel by Huron Low, Daren Yeow, Elijah Cai
1:18 Tornado Deck Split by Bone Ho, Kevin Ho
1:20 Long Distance Spinner by Audley Walsh

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