New Record For The World’s Deepest Fish Filmed In The Mariana Trench

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen have set a new record for the world’s deepest fish, filmed in the Mariana Trench – the deepest place on Earth. 

The new finding was just one of several new species discovered, as well as the first footage of the mysterious ‘supergiant’ amphipod filmed alive. The footage was recorded using the UK’s deepest diving vehicle – the Hadal-Lander – a vehicle designed and built entirely in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Creepy deep sea creatures
How deep is the ocean

An international team of marine biologists, geologists, microbiologists and geneticists, including those from the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab, have just returned from the first detailed study of the Mariana Trench aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor as part of the Hadal Ecosystem Studies (HADES) project, led by the University of Hawaii’s Dr Jeff Drazen.

The team completed an unprecedented 92 deployments of deep-sampling equipment across the entire depth range of the trench; 5000 m – 10,600 m.

University of ABERDEEN:…

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