The most dangerous drugs in the world.

In a recent study published in The Lancet, tobacco and alcohol ranked among the top ten most dangerous drugs in the world that are currently being used today. This is quite a surprise when you contemplate that they are considered more dangerous than the likes of ecstasy and heroin.

For this study, twenty different drugs were put under the microscope, some of which included cocaine, amphetamines and LSD, and the following three factors were taken into consideration in order to rank them:

1. How addictive the drug was

2. Physical harm to the user of the drug

3. The impact the drug has on society in general

However, in most studies carried out, alcohol and tobacco don’t feature as much in the top ten, so this article will give a quick insight into a rounded up version of what’s considered to be the nine most dangerous drugs in the world.

9. Bath Salts

Bath Salts” are a designer drug – meaning that they are “cooked” in a laboratory. It’s sometimes referred to as “bath powder” on the streets. The drug causes paranoid delusional psychosis as well as strong hallucinations. Delusional thinking is carried out by violent means by users in the majority of cases.

8. Benzodiazepines

This Drugs’ Damage to the Body comes in the form of severe depression, dependency, and slurred speech. As the drug is used to treat cases of depression, it can become extremely dangerous if it’s used in excess. The drug’s action on the human body is known with a high level of certainty, so experts are able to ascertain its effects quite accurately.

7. Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth is a strong stimulant that is beneficial only when used for the correct treatment. Only when it’s used for “fun” purposes does it cause life-threatening issues to the user. ADHD, dizziness, restlessness and visual impairment are just some of the big effects of Crystal Meth.

6. Ketamine

This is a powerful hallucinogen that causes severe cases of paranoia. Its effects on the human body include visual and auditory hallucinations, anaesthesia and blood pressure issues.

5. Methdone (Street version)

Methdone is considered a form of an opiate drug. Users can easily overdose on Methdone, which can lead to Hepatitis, pneumonia and various respiratory/psychological conditions – even death.

4. Cocaine

This famous drug is known all around the world and is a slow killer. Its effects on the nervous system and the brain are extremely dangerous when used in the wrong way. From this list, cocaine is probably the most widely used drug of them all.

3. Opiates

There are various street names for Opiates ranging from Darvocet, Heroin, Morphine, Percodan and Talwin. Most prescription drugs can be labelled as Opiates. Because Morphine has such an addictive nature, it can only be administered legally in hospitals. Probably the most common Opiate drug is Heroin, which is a highly concentrated form of Morphine. They say that you become addicted to Heroin the moment you use it – it’s that addictive.

2. LSD

With a big enough dose, users will experience hallucinations and delusions. These “trips” can last for up to twelve hours with psychological effects that are unpredictable. Increased core temperatures, blood pressure and heart rate are all common symptoms of LSD.

1. Scopolamine

Without doubt the most dangerous drug in the world today is Scopolamine aka “The Devil’s Breath”. This drug will eliminate free will and erase all memory of the unfortunate individual that comes into contact with it. Scopolamine is derived from a flower extract that is found only in South America – predominately in Colombia.

Due to the fact that it’s odourless and tasteless, it’s extremely lethal and can be quickly administered to a person without them even knowing it.


These nine drugs that are listed are effectively destroying the lives of millions and millions of people every minute of every day. Some are obviously more dangerous than others in the short-term, but in the long-term they’re all deadly killers.

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