Amazing Fire-Breathing Robotic Dragon

Imagine driving to work in the morning, only to run into a massive mechanical dragon walking through the city streets to its own theme music. That’s what happened to the people of Nantes, France, who were greeted by the sight of Long Ma, a fire-breathing mechanized dragon sculpture.

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The dragon is actually a sign of peace, built in recognition of the 50 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. In fact, the dragon will be in Beijing October 17-19.

The huge yellow dragon weighs about 46 tons and measures in at about 40 feet tall. The sculpture was created by the talented French designer François Delarozière and his team La Machine. Long Ma Jing Shen, or “Spirit of the Dragon Horse,” is the name of the dragon.

For more info on the impressive dragon and other cool projects, check out La Machine on Facebook.

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