This Guy Was Desperate To Become Famous

24-year-old Vin Los is an aspiring model from Montreal, Canada. He’s desperately trying to become famous so he has written provocative words all over his face. His goal, according to Vice, who did an in-depth feature with the Canadian, is to become the most famous man in the world. He said:

“I want to be the most famous man who who ever lived” (…)
“I did it to become the icon of pop culture, even bigger than Marylin Monroe.”

While I’m not sure he will achieve his goal, his facial tattoos are certainly making sure that Vin is currently being written about.

But for me it looks like he woke up after a failed party, with the entire face beeing written by drunken colleagues…

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If you want to see more of his photos you can visit Vin’s Instagram or official website

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